Court Representation

Many divorce cases begin with the filing of a Petition for Divorce in Family Court. Prior to filing, Jim will meet with you for an initial and confidential consultation. During the initial consultation, he will take a detailed marital history from you and will outline the major parts of a divorce from the Court's perspective. Jim will review with you the various documents that will need to be completed to file for divorce and to obtain a divorce from the Court.

After the initial consultation, Jim will decide whether his style and approach best serves your particular needs. Most consultations take about one hour. The information discussed during the consultation will remain confidential.

If a decision is made to retain Jim as your lawyer, he will provide you with a Fee Agreement letter outlining the terms of his representation, including his refundable retainer requirements for representation.

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation, please contact Elaine at or Jim at

before your divorce

  1. Itemize your assets and liablities with updated statements.
  2. Obtain copies of at least your last three years of personal and business tax returns with supporting attachments.
  3. Run a credit report.
  4. Contact your Human Resource Department through your employment to determine coverage options for you or your spouse after the divorce;
  5. Speak to a CPA or other tax professional regarding the numerous tax issues that may result from a divorce, including the allocation of the dependency exemption and head of household status, and division of stocks, investments or retirement assets.
  6. Speak to a mortgage specialist or financial agent regarding your options for maintaining the marital home and servicing the mortgage after the divorce.
  7. Create an inventory of your personal property and furniture, as those items will need to be divided as part of the divorce process.