Negotiated Settlements

In situations where a party would like to explore settlement with his/her spouse and counsel before or after a matter has been filed with a Court, a negotiated settlement may be a viable option to consider

During a negotiated settlement, Jim will assist you in gathering the necessary financial documents, income verification, and parenting information to explore settlement options with the other side. He will prepare settlement proposals and options prior to meeting with the other side. During the meeting with the other side, Jim will guide you through the various issues that will need to be addressed and agreed upon in order to obtain a divorce from the Court. Upon reaching final agreements, Jim will assist you in drafting the language for the settlement documents and file them with the Court for approval

During a negotiated settlement, it is anticipated that both parties are motivated to reaching an agreement and that both parties are prepared to negotiate and to compromise from their respective positions. A negotiated settlement may occur before a party files for divorce in Court or after a party has filed.

For more information on negotiated settlement, please contact Jim at or 603-836-5400