Other Legal Services

You may have questions or concerns about the divorce process and may want to meet with Jim to understand the process and to understand your rights and obligations under NH law following a divorce. If so, please schedule a consultation to address your questions or concerns.

During the consultation, Jim will take a detailed marital history from you and will outline the major parts of a divorce from the Court's perspective. He will review various documents with you that will be required to file for divorce, as well as documents that will be required after you file for divorce. Following the consultation, you will decide how you wish to proceed and what assistance, if any, Jim may provide for you. The consultation is confidential.

There is no obligation for you to retain Jim or for him to take your case following the consultation. The charge for the consultation is billed at his legal representation rate.

Post Divorce Modification and Enforcement

Jim also provides representation to parties who may encounter issues after a divorce has been granted. These issues include: modification of child support or alimony; modification to a Parenting Plan or the enforcement of another party's obligations under a Final Decree of Divorce.

Unbundled Legal Services

Unbundled Legal Services. In some situations, you may wish to retain Jim for limited representation on a particular issue or issues. You may need assistance preparing for a hearing, drafting a document, or preparing for settlement. In such cases, you may retain Jim on an unbundled basis in which he will assist you for the specific task requested. The Fee Agreement will specifically outline the scope of his representation and will not exceed that scope unless you and Jim agree in writing to modify the terms of such limited representation.

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation, please contact Elaine at elaine@ferrolawgroup.com or Jim at jim@ferrolawgroup.com.