Family Law Mediation

The process of divorce creates numerous issues that people will need to resolve under circumstances that may be riddled with conflict, uncertainty, and distrust. Parties may believe that the conflict between them is so great that attempts to resolve that conflict will be futile. Mediation allows parties to process the conflict in a controlled setting in order for the parties to reach their own agreements.

The process of mediation is about you.

The mediator will help facilitate the discussion between the parties who may disagree upon various issues from financial to parenting. Throughout the process, the mediator remains neutral and objective and will help the parties negotiate in order to reach agreements.

Mediators do not provide legal advice. It is encouraged that all participants consult with an attorney before entering mediation, or to have an attorney present/available during mediation. Mediators also help the parties navigate through the various documents and forms that will be required in order to obtain a Final Decree from a New Hampshire Court.

The process of mediation begins with an initial consultation. At this time the mediator will meet with both parties together, explain the process of mediation, the terms of the Agreement to Mediate, and will take a background history from each party in order to better understand the nature of the potential issues involved. The consultation session concludes with a discussion of action items to be completed before the next mediation session, and any forms that will be necessary for further mediation sessions. Most consultations take about one hour to complete.

Following the initial consultation and the signing of the Agreement to Mediate, a mediation session will be scheduled. All participants are encouraged to bring necessary financial and other documents to the mediation session in order to reach effective agreements. Parties should speak with an attorney or bring an attorney to the mediation session. All information learned during the initial consultation and the mediation sessions will remain confidential. The mediator will listen to the positions and concerns raised by each party, communicate in a way that will help the parties negotiate a solution, and help parties think of creative options for settlement.

Upon reaching final agreements, the mediator will assist the parties in drafting most of the documents that will be necessary to file with the Court to obtain a final judgment.

How long your case will take to mediate or what the final cost will be depends upon how quickly an agreement is reached. Mediation of a family case takes time and patience. It is a process, not an event and the mediator may be able to provide you with a better timeframe following the initial meeting.

Mediation Rates

Mediation is billed at an hourly rate for all work performed and time spent preparing for and on the case, including the initial consultation, preparation for mediation, review of documents received from parties, preparation of the Agreement to Mediate and file opening, mediation time, and any travel. A refundable retainer may be required to open a file.

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